bugatti veyron

The world's fastest car is disarmingly easy to use. Makes absolutely everything else feel slow. You could argue it's a but uninvolving. But at over 250mph, we don't care.
  • ===Comfort===

Surprisingly, this thing is really quite docile. There's barely any wheelspin, and inside its appointed how you like it, sire. Lots of leather, exquisite materials, well-laid out controls and a good seating position. You could be sitting in a comfy GT car. A comfy GT car that can hit a quarter mile in ten seconds.

  • ===Performance===

The Super Sport gets 1,200bhp and a 267mph top speed. 0-62mph? 2.5 seconds. The 0-124mph and 0-186mph times take just 7.3 seconds and 15.0 seconds respectively. Wanna' take it on? Don't bother. Really. Get out of its way and admire it - fleetingly.

  • ===Cool===

Jenson Button used to own one, so yes, a little bit.

  • ===Quality===

You're kidding, right? A car that needs £20,000 bespoke tyres - which need protecting at speeds of over 220mph - and uses materials collected from space was never going to be shoddy, was it? Built like a tank.

  • ===Handling===

The Bugatti Veyron is wide and low, but with the seven speed paddleshift gearbox and genial power delivery, it's about as easy to drive as an Audi TT. It's not until you really put your foot down that you realise quite how ballistic the Veyron really is.

  • ===Practicality===

Spacious enough to fit a Jeremy Clarkson in over a long haul from Italy to London, and comfortable enough for him to call an insurance company en route to find out about insurance. You know how that ended.

  • ===Running costs===

Like we said, the tyres cost around £20,000 a set, the car itself costs over a million, you'll be lucky if you get 10mpg and lets just say servicing requires a deep intake of breath.&nbsp