Ktm xbow

The KTM X-bow

Focussed carbon-heavy track car with a turbo’d 2.0-litres of Audi reliability and superlative looks (and pricetag). Maybe a little soft, but that can be sorted relatively easily by adjusting the suspension. Or you could wait for the hotter versions rumoured to surface soon.
  • ===Comfort===

The X-Bow is a surprise for something that looks like it should be starring in the ‘Transformers' movies - you can actually go some distance in it without crippling yourself. Obviously there's no weather protection, so you've got to be a little careful with exposed body parts (ie/ your face), but properly kitted up this is an easy car to drive, if not for a long way.

  • ===Performance===

Looks fast doesn't it? Shame that in this initial version at least, it isn't really. The 0-60mph time of 3.9 seconds is obviously impressive, but the 2.0-litre turbo is lifted from the Audi range and is in a relatively mild state of tune at 240bhp (tuners have seen a reliable 350). Saying that it's relatively heavy at 790kg, despite all the carbon fibre. You can have a fibreglass version that costs half as much too...

  • ===Cool===

A bit try-hard, maybe, but you'll stop traffic.

  • ===Quality===

Both versions of the car are exceptionally well made - but the full carbon-tubbed monster is just breathtaking. It really does feel like your slipping on a racecar. There's not much in the way of soft furnishings, so don't worry too much about whether the switchgear works - there isn't much of it.

  • ===Handling===

This is where the KTM gets a little devisive. Loris Binnochi (he of Pagani fame) sorted the chassis and it's a peach - but it isn't the most committed thing you'll ever drive. It drops into safe understeer pretty early. Fun for the beginner, but not quite matching the super-extreme looks. Luckily, there are more hardcore X-Bows in the pipeline - they should add some spice to a great base version.

  • ===Practicality===

Two seats, no luggage space, no windscreen. You'll be wet and not have a change of clothes, but you won't care.

  • ===Running costs===

The ‘base' car is around £50k, the full carbon twice the price. Pretty good on fuel, ludicrous on insurance. This is a toy -your wallet will be forced to treat it like one. KTM X-Bow