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Lady GooGoo is a parody of Lady Gaga. She has been beaten in the Moshling Cup 2011 three year in a row winner IGGY. She came second just miissing IGGY and just won Wurley. She is known to be a GooGoo blasting music artist at the Underground Disco where her song is played to all the Moshlings watching the Moshi Member monsters who dance the night away. Her song is Peppyrazzi which is also a parody of Papparazzi.

Recently Lady GaGa sued mind candy, so now ladygoogoo's song the moshi dance has been taken off itunes, moshi monster's music site, and mosi monsters youtube account. The song has still been uploaded by other user's though. and can still be watched.&nbsp [3]Lady GooGoo SingingAdded by Daddycraigie==Bio:== Some say she's crazy, some say she's a genius. One thing's for sure, the Moshi world has gone completely gaga for Lady GooGoo! But it's not down to her plinkity plink music or even her baby-ish dance routines. It's because this wah-wah-ing bundle of joy is a fashion icon!

With her gleaming Rox-covered romper suits and futuristic tinfoil pram, Lady GooGoo is hard to miss, especially if she starts boohoo-ing when she doesn't get her way. She's not really a cry baby, it's just that she must have her milky- wilk on the hour every hour.


Lady GooGoo was born in Nappy Valley, but if you want to find her these days you'll need to listen out for her boo-hoo-ing in the hills overlooking Electro Lullaby Lake.


Mashed Carrots, Nursery Rhymes.


Noisy Grown Ups, Broken Rattles.


Rox-Covered Romper Suit


  • In 2010 Lady GooGoo was kidnapped by Dr Strangeglove.
  • Lady GooGoo is often the favourite Moshling of a member.
  • In 2011 Lady GooGoo made a music video named The Moshi Dance. If you listen carefully you will realise it has parts from Lady Gaga's Judas and Bad Romance.
  • Lady GooGoo has presently got a cold.
  • Lady GooGoo is stolen by Sprocket and Sprocket has demanded Robo Quacks to steal her voice.
  • At the end of Lady GooGoo's Moshi Video she shows monsters her big pink eyes.
  • Lady GooGoo has recovered from her cold.
  • The Lady GooGoo song has been removed from youtube and has been banned by lady gaga

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